Woodford Park in Woodley near Reading is a large public park created in the 1950s. Woodford Park Lake was created by the careful diversion of natural ground water in a low lying area of the fields which became the park.  Vegetation was planted around the lake and on two islands within the lake.  Since creation, the lake has suffered from overgrowth of the vegetation and trees and there has been significant siltation of the water.  

LandShape worked with Woodley Town Council to prepare a plan for the removal and re-use of the silt and careful removal of some of the trees to allow increased light levels in the water and to encourage more water movement.  The silt was removed from one end of the and deposited behind a nicospan barrier to create a shallow area at the opposite end of the lake.  An acessible boardwalk allows access across the lake, with dipping platforms between the shallow water and marginal planting.  Further wetland and emergent planting is planned using local volunteers to encourage more interest in the lake. The clearance of the overgrown trees and shrubs around the lakes has allowed views with visitors sitting on the banks to enjoy picnics.  More light can enter the water and there is better air circulation, encouraging increased biodiversity.  Bank improvements and extensions using timber faggots has provided increased areas for nesting wildfowl.