Planning Applications for residential projects, whether a single house or a large commercial development, often require landscape and visual impact assessments to be carried out to establish what effect the new proposal may have on the surrounding landscape. LandShape can assist you with the preparation of these either as a standalone document or as part of larger Design and Access Statement. We can assist you with developing your residential scheme from a greenfield site through to construction on site and we are experienced in working with a variety of local authorities to provide a satisfactory outcome.

LandShape recommends that any new residential development should be designed by both landscape architects and architects working together. Using both professions ensures that the master-plan for the development maximises both built form and landscape potential and ensures that the project provides the best solution for the constraints of the land. We are experienced in working together with planners and architects to provide master-plans for housing from individual houses to large commercial schemes.

LandShape often recommends that a LVIA is submitted together with a Landscape Strategy in order to show the planning authorities the general outline of the landscape issues and solutions for the project. The strategy and LVIA are developed together as an iterative process ensuring that all issues are covered and there are no unpleasant and costly surprises at a later date. Preparing a strategy which complements the LVIA also indicates to the planning authority that any mitigation has been carefully considered and designed.