What is Landscape Planning?

Landscape planning is the development and application of strategies, policies and plans to create successful environments, in both urban and rural settings, for the benefit of current and future generations.

Landscape Planning can be undertaken at all scales from international to local and on all types of development, advising on or managing proposals for change which may affect the landscape. Landscape Architects assess and resolve environmental, economic and social opportunities and constraints relevant to areas of landscape interest and take these into account in addressing a landscape’s potential and capacity to accommodate change.

LandShape can provide all levels and types of landscape planning including:

Laverstock Lanscape Assessment

Laverstock and Ford Landscape Sensitivity Study

LandShape produced a detailed sensitivity study for the parish of Laverstock and Ford near Salisbury to inform the Neighbourhood Plan

Residential Masterplan

Ruskin College Residential Masterplan

LandShape prepared a LVIA and residential street and landscape design for a masterplan for Ruskin College, Oxford